Variegated String Of Hearts Care Tips from Natures Planters by Tory Rand

Here are some care tips for your Variegated String of Hearts from Natures Planters by Tory Rand


Never use potting mix or soil intended for houseplants which is designed to retain water.  The Variegated String of Hearts does not like to have their feet wet too long and a good draining soil helps to dry out your plants feet quickly. So select a good succulent mix such as Black Gold or Bonsai Jack brands being some of the highest rated, Miracle grow being the lowest rated, and add 30-50% perlite.  This will keep your soil fast draining and well aerated.  

Pot selection.             

To help aid your Variegated String of Hearts keeping their feet dry, in addition to good soil, you need a pot with good drainage.  The more drainage holes the better.  Drainage holes allow water to pass through quickly and air to enter your pot to help dry out the soil.  Never use a pot without drainage holes.  Never allow your Variegated String of Hearts from Natures Planters to sit in water.



Very important.   Your Variegated String Of Hearts from Natures Planters by Tory Rand will want tons of all day bright indirect sunlight.  This is a canopy plant that receives all day dappled sunlight in its natural environment and you should provide it with similar conditions.  To do so the most optimal window facings are as follows:

Southwest is the best then South then Southeast.  Then West, then East, the worst being North.  Whatever you do, do not place your Variegated Sting of Hearts from Natures Planters directly on a Window sill or next to a window that receives direct sun as intense and hot sun will burn out your Variegated String of Hearts in no time at all.  We have seen this mistake happen way to many times. 

For those of you living in Zones 8 or below, you will need a grow light for the Winter months.  If you only have a North facing window you will need a grow light year round.  f you don't provide your Variegated String of Hearts from Natures Planters enough bright indirect light your plant will grow leggy and new growth will be yellow as the plant searches for proper light and pigmentation fails to develop properly.  


Your Variegated String Of Hearts from Natures Planters will love a warm environment with temperatures ranging from 50F-90F with the optimal daytime temperature of 75-80F.  Protect your plant from overnight lows below 40.  At 32F your plant will freeze and die if direct exposure for more than 30 minutes occurs. Consistent warm temperatures during the day will help your plant thrive.


The quickest way to kill your plant is to rot them with improper watering, soil or container drainage - they all work together to make or break your plant.  Your Variegated String of Hearts will not like to be overwatered or underwatered.  When the top soil is dry check your plant to make sure that the top half of the soil below the soil surface is also dry.  If dry water well until the water flows out the bottom of the pot then stop.  Do not water the plant again until the top soil is dry again and the top half of the soil is also dry.  During colder periods this takes long than warmer periods.  Really the care for this plant is easy.  Water well and leave it alone until it has almost dried out then repeat.  Do not mist the plant as a water source.  Just water it and enjoy until needed again.


You can transplant this plant anytime you want except winter is not recommended as this is their dormant period.  Summer actually is a slower growth period as well, with spring and fall seeing the most optimal growth periods.  Make sure your always transplanting up to a larger pot to encourage more growth and room for root development.